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Ibartending services party imagemagine enjoying delicious cocktails prepared by a bartender rather than preparing them. Dancing the night away instead of having to play paper-rock-scissors over who goes to get the next six pack or changes the radio station; that is the reality when Bottoms Up throws your next private party. Let’s face it – Miami is too hot not to have a frozen fruity drink in your hand and with over 200 recipes, you’ll have plenty of options. Contact us and book the time of your life. We have all kinds of resources to make your next private party a success.

Bottoms Up Bartender


bartender services bartending imageWe provide professional certified miami bartenders that know over 200 delicious cocktail recipes. We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff, who will be ready and eager to attend your friends and family with a smile. Once you hire one of our bartenders for your private party you’ll understand why we take pride in our bartending services.

Party Supply Check-list

Upon filling in our simple Bartender-Request Form we will email you a party supply check-list according to the amount of guests attending your party. Just so that you can have one less thing to worry about “…bartending” and won’t have to make last minute runs to the local supermarket or liquor store.

Bar Menu

We will custom tailor a bar menu for FREE! According to the drinks you’re interested in serving that evening, Totally Free! Or you can pick from any of our general bar menus online FREE! to download & print out. That’s why our bartending services standout from the rest. We’d like to be your family bartender.

Bar Decor

Every party has it’s own theme and we at Bottoms Up Bartender TM like to cater to that theme. Don’t be surprised if we bring a little decoration to spice up the bar and create that party atmosphere while we’re bartending.


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